The Big Plan.

Okay, I didn’t cross-post it, but I did actually publish a new podcast episode this week:

It’s an expansion on the Ele journal article I wrote, and it gets into how I continue to handle “coming out” as psychic, in response to a sweet email from a reader / listener.

I would gently encourage you to *subscribe* to the podcast feed through either iTunes or Stitcher or directly to the feed itself ( if you have another pod-catcher you prefer.

The reason WHY I encourage you to subscribe: I tend to post the episodes a few days in advance and just schedule the blog post *telling* you all about it! So if you’re subscribed, you get the new episodes “early”. And, as you can see, I don’t always get my scheduled blog posts in on time!

Why have I dropped that ball?

Well my dear friends, I’m in the process of making a course-correction.

You know those really massive ocean liners? I like to think of them whenever I get restless or impatient about the things I want to change in my life. I remind myself that although I’m doing a lot of work and it may *seem* like my life is cruising along in the same direction, it takes a while for that work to be reflected in an actual course-correction, and even longer to start seeing my new destination.

One of those course-corrections that’s taking a lot of energy right now is my job. I work part-time at the local hospital, which gives my partner and I some stability out here. I do enjoy my job, but I’d prefer to be there less often. After all, I have readings to do, blog posts and podcasts to produce, and a class and group readings to run.

If I were able to reduce my hours at the hospital, this would be great for me (and for you guys) for many reasons. I have so little control in what goes down at the hospital. The job is a combination of corporate / non-profit with a dash of branding and heavy on the union flavoring. It can be scary to have this big machine grinding away at your rent/food money generator and hope it re-shapes it into something beneficial.

Sweetie & I are also looking for a new place to live. We’ve been sharing a house with a family for the last three years, which has numerous privacy / respect / boundary / noise issues. We’re really hoping to find an affordable little house with our own laundry, utilities, internet and telephone. We just need to find it at the right price.

It will be interesting to see how things shake down. What we really want is for my hours at the hospital to be reduced, and to relocate to a nice little house in town – a quiet, private, sunny spot with a place for fire, either a wood stove or a fire pit. A gas stove would be fantastic too. We just need autonomy. So I would be grateful if you guys could just hold this visual in your mind for us: Sweetie and I feeling very happy, light and optimistic about whatever changes are happening.

Job and housing discomfort aside, I’ve been working really hard with friends and clients. Since the new scheduling system was installed, I’ve been able to double the number of readings I can do in a week, so this means if you’re on the waiting list you’ll be invited to book your appointment in the very near future!

I am *so happy* about this. We are saving about four hours of repetitive work every week with this new system.

I’ve also been putting in time behind the scenes to automate more of our repetitive processes, like adding new people to the Reading List. Hopefully, that form on my website will soon add you *directly* to the reading list without human help.

AND! Well, this is so cool it really deserves its own blog post.

Love you guys!

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