Mom Update: Great!

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Just a quick Mom Update for those sweethearts who are emailing with inquiries and best wishes:

My Mom is doing really well!  Since her second brain surgery, her chemo has been shifted around to a therapy that is a LOT better for her.  She sleeps a lot, which is actually a blessing.  She was unable to sleep well for most of this year.

She’s feeling much less nauseous than she used to feel on her old therapy.  Thank God!

And, AND – she’s feeling like she wants to start driving again.  She needs a physician’s clearance again, but my mother’s a cautious person – she wouldn’t be asking about it if she didn’t already feel confident she could do it.

I am so very happy for her, and so grateful that she is steadily regaining quality of life and independence.

I am so fucking lucky.

You know, sure I hurt my back, and it limited what I could do for a while.  But I’m getting better quickly.  Eight weeks of recovery time is more than I’ve ever needed for a physical injury – because I’ve been fortunate enough to be healthy most of my life.  Sure I’d get bugs, migraines, burn out.  But I’ve never been seriously ill.  Thank God.

Today is a day of counting our many, many blessings.

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