Arrrrrgh!!!! Wet leg is so gross! I don’t know WHY my brand new Viking rain pants are leaking through the left zipper, but I can not deal with a wet leg all winter! I’m gonna try to duct tape the seams, but that’s a temporary solution at best.

Blog readers, I am requesting a Christmas present:


If you kind readers felt like kicking in a little bit towards a new pair of rain pants, I would so appreciate a little help.

Call it “Kate’s dry thigh fund”!

If you felt so moved to click the “Donate” button and maybe kick in a few bucks, that would make my Christmas drier and thus merrier!

Thank you!

2 thoughts on “RAIN PANTS FAIL!!!

    • Thank you Allen 🙂 you know, when my sister made me mad, i used to soak the lining of one of her boots.

      Them she’d have ONE wet foot all day!

      The only thing worse than wet socks is one wet sock. You dont get used to it.

      I was a terrible big sister!


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