Ep. 29 Your Energy Cycle

29. your energy cycle

Hey everyone, I’m back!  I thought I’d re-introduce the podcast after nearly a month off with an episode about energy and how I experience and cope with cyclical ups and downs in my energy level.

If you go back and look at the month overview of the blog over the years, you’ll see a pattern of posting in bursts, and then posting less frequently for a few weeks or even months.  This is just how it goes with me, and I’m sure this is how it goes with some of you too. 

Some of us do not have a steady supply of energy – some people have cyclical ups and downs.  In a world where everything is scheduled, in a culture where consistency is expected – even demanded, how do you cope as a person with cyclical energy patterns?

How do you make the most of the uptime?  How do you manage your limited energy resources and capabilities during a downswing?  How do you get past feelings of failure or inadequacy during a downswing?  How do you ride the wave of new energy and avoid burnout in the future?

So I thought I’d talk about that – what a cyclical energy pattern may look like, the troubles it can cause and ways to make it easier.

I hope you enjoy it.

Oh and keep your eyes peeled – at the end of January, I’ll do a special on Pet Readings as a fundraiser for Sunshine’s Dental work.  I’m going to put the planning for that on the front burner so hopefully in the next week and a half, I’ll launch all the details. 


4 thoughts on “Ep. 29 Your Energy Cycle

    • That’s an awesome question, divine. I think there is not a simple answer, a difinitive yes or no. I think that *sometimes* what we may experience as “imagination” is really the perception of a different layer of reality.

      I think we can use imagination to actually CREATE new levels of reality, especially when there are millions of people imagining the same thing. I think this is why imagination and creativity are really a divine expression of “god force” and I believe that art is sacred. I also think that art can’t ever be truly destroyed, once created. It continues to exist, even if the original is destroyed on earth.

      This is such a great topic, thank you. I think I’ll tackle this in the next podcast! You’re awesome!

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      • Thanks for the reply Kate, I felt your Soul in this reply! Google “Neville Goddard teachings”, he is an amazing mystic that explain the truth about the human imagination. In the meantime Happy 2015 for You and your Family! Namaste! 🙂


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