Sunshine’s Smile! SPECIAL!

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Oh yeah, it’s PET READING TIME! 

I’ve been hinting for a few weeks now that I’m going to do a special on Pet Readings to raise the funds necessary for Sunshine’s Dentistry, and here is it! 


I’ve taken a week off so I can devote the last week of January to Pet Readings!  Sunshine really doesn’t ask for much.  She’s been a very healthy cat, she has moved with me across the country, she sat with me, as beautiful pets do, though some pretty tough times these past few years. 

I would really like to give her this dentistry.  The poor girl needs some significant, expensive work done.  Not only will it help prevent pain for her in the future, it is very likely to extend her lifespan (dental problems can shorten our pets’ lives considerably!)  But I need your help to do it!

I have set up two, limited-time offers on pet readings!  These quickie sessions are a great way to check up on your own pets in life and you critters in heaven – they even make a great gift for the friendly animal lover in your life!

Be sure to click “Schedule” in your email to book your session!

But wait, there’s MORE!  I’ve been waiting to introduce this new service:

Animal Totem Readings

We often think of Spirit Guides in human form.  Did you know our spirit helpers come in many forms?  For many people, especially those who feel close to the animal world, their spirit helpers relate in Animal Form! 

My mother has a special talent for isolating a person’s Animal Totem.  When I was a teenager, she noticed the Great Blue Heron around me at significant times in my life – like when I took my driver’s test, graduated from high school and came out to my family.  The Great Blue Heron, for me, is about finding balance between the earth world and the spirit world. He teaches me patience, observation, and symbolizes my ability to walk between worlds – land, air and water – the physical world, the dream world and the spirit world.

I’ve always felt especially close to the Blue Heron.

Animal Totems reveal so much about how we approach our life, how we relate to others and the world.  Our Animal Totems can shift forms at significant stages in our life, depending upon the challenges and learning theme of our life at the time.

Who are your Animal Totems?  What are they telling you?  Find out with your beautifully formatted email Animal Totem Reading, a keepsake you can refer to for years to come!


There it is!  I hope you enjoy the Special Pet Readings for Sunshine’s Smile! 

Thank you so much, everyone!

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