Comments on older posts – my replies posted!

For you dear new friends posting comments on older blog entries, I believe I have now caught up replies. If I missed you, I would appreciate it if you’d comment again and I’ll find you the second time around.

I was about a month behind on comments, and I should be caught up now!

3 thoughts on “Comments on older posts – my replies posted!

  1. Hope it’s not a bother I’ve been commenting on older posts? I just replied to your reply to me on an older post. Lol. I just don’t know any other way to do it.😊
    Perhaps Facebook? You’ve actually just recently accepted my friend request on Facebook. My middle name is Ann, but my first name is Tiffany.😊 Anyway, let me know and I can stop commenting on older posts if that would save you a bit of stress. I don’t ever want to be a pain.😊 Namaste Kate😊


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