2 thoughts on “Pet reading awesomeness!

  1. Wow! I actually missed that you communicate with animals!. I always have to. They have more going on than people realize. I am way to timid to do what you do. I think its awesome you do readings! I never even thought of that. I admire you doing this blog. Where I’m from if I was open that I’m psychic they would say I had a demon! Guess I missed it cause I wasn’t looking good enough.😊 Now I think your even more awesome!👍 Anyway, Blessings.


    • Aww, thanks Ann. You could start a blog, this one stared out anonymous.

      I did pet reading by word of mouth for ten years begore i started *talking* about it!

      The animal talk parlayed into people spirits for me. Its the same skill, just different application.


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