George: The Elusive God Moment

“The boys” have been very active. Ridiculously so. The whole town has decided to play Beatles songs, particularly my favourite Lennon-written songs, just as I enter public spaces like the grocery store or the coffee shop.

I wonder sometimes, why is it “the boys” and only the music boys? Only John, George, Kurt and Bob Marley that seem to continuously pop up? Maybe because it’s easier for them to say hello. It’s kind of impossible to ignore repeatedly “random” songs in public spaces, and how they inexplicably keep coming up in the most random places – in podcasts I listen to, in books I read about topics that have nothing to do with music, in conversations with friends.

I haven’t been writing about this much because there’s not a lot to say other than, they’re saying “hello”. They’re still around. They tend to pop up with a kind word of encouragement when I need it, like a phone message from a friend who’s just checking in.

Working as a medium is like working in miracles. There is *nothing* I can do to make a miracle happen. I just know how to create the space for magic, but I don’t / can’t will it into existence. It has to happen on its own, I just get out of the way.

Because it has this miraculous process, it reaffirms my faith in the intangible. It often does this for clients, too.

But rarely, someone who really, really needs a miracle doesn’t get one. Or maybe they don’t recognize the message. It’s not up to me to interpret the message, and too much interpretation can warp the message or push the spirit away. I just say what I get, that’s it.

I make the connection to the spirits around a person *through* that person, and I can feel their crushing disappointment, the unspoken question of “Why?” I want to say, “Just be patient. Just take care of yourself. Just focus on healing, and one day, maybe when you’d don’t need it so badly, then you’ll get your proof moment.”

It’s such a classic question, one that atheists like to hold up as proof that there is no universal love, or that some subset of pagans may hold as evidence that the energy of the universe is neural, not loving at all, but benign.

Yet we know that hundreds of thousands of people have experienced their “god moment” – they’ve found that universal love either in meditation, in a moment of clarity in nature, at their dying loved one’s bedside, during a session, or through art.

The funny thing is the certainty, that unshakable knowing of truth, it’s different for everyone. The earth shattering moment, when told as an anecdote, is often easily dismissed by others. That moment is just for that one person, it isn’t meant to rock anyone’s world but yours.

And if you haven’t had that proof yet, it doesn’t mean that it’s nonexistent. It might mean the timing isn’t right, for a million little reasons. Maybe you’ll get that proof years from now, and in retrospect, it’ll make sense why you didn’t get it back when you first asked.

Maybe you’ll get it later in life, or maybe it’ll happen in your moment of death.

So what if you spend a lifetime searching for proof and you never get your God Moment?

Well, I believe that everyone gets their God Moment, at least once in their life. I don’t know why it happens often for some and not at all for others.

Well, George has some suggestions:

Hello George, it’s been a while!

Hello, love. In my humble perspective, I would like to draw your attention to what happens to a person when they experience a lack of connection with God. Do you see what they do?

(Shows me a person driven to travel the world in search of it, shows me another person who is aware of this space their whole life, and this feeling motivates them to find meaning in other, mortal things.)

The lack of connection with the divine in life is evidence of its existence. If we didn’t need it, we wouldn’t be driven so fiercely to find it. Even an orphaned child knows it has a mother. We’re all like little children, looking for Mum.

It does always seem to come back to what drives a person’s life, doesn’t it?

(George rolls backwards on to a pile of colourful pillows behind him, relaxing into a recline.) In my humble perspective, that’s the secret of life, yeah? Every person, every human being has a connection with the infinite whether they can feel it or not. However that connection may be calibrated, it motivates them through life.

When we’re in life it’s easy to think about life plans as books we write for ourselves, or contracts with God. Of course, there’s no paper here. Everything gets boiled down to pure energy.

(George shows me a beam of light from the center of creation connecting to an incarnated form on a planet. This beam has qualities, blips, blinks, music, flickering colours. Everyone’s beam / connection is programmed differently, and there are infinite permutations and possibilities.)

See your light goes: blinky-doo. My light goes: blinky-dee-dee-dee! My light is a little crazier than yours, a little sillier, right? In life, I needed to calm it down to feel my connection with God. I NEEDED to find God for myself, I was very uncomfortable with the chaos in my life and my mind. I needed to find quiet to find God. Not everyone feels this way.

Those people who have stopped reading? They don’t need to read this. It’s boring. They either have their connection with God, or they don’t feel the absence in a painful way. (Indicates this is not a criticism or a lack in either the people reading or those who have stopped reading. It’s another way of saying something “resonates” with the reader because of how they’re calibrated, what they need.)

So if someone feels like you did, feels that absence and really needs proof, why does that desperation seem to block their ability to experience it? I see this pattern in other ways too: if someone is desperate for a pet to reincarnate, or they are in dire financial straits and are desperate for a turnaround. I’ve recognized this in myself, when I get angry or frustrated. Giving God ultimatums doesn’t work, because the only person you hurt by shutting off that connection (or making it conditional on some proof) is yourself.

And I also know that scam religions use this phenomenon to control people, they say “God tests your faith” which I don’t really believe either. In some religions, demanding proof is like admitting you don’t have the faith, therefore you’re a bad (insert name of faith here.)

Have you finished? (teasing) George places his palm over his heart, breaths in and smiles while he gives me this idea:

The mourning of a loss is proof of the love’s existence in your life. When someone has gone from your life, someone you loved, the pain of loss is proof the love exists. EXISTS, not existed.

Physical incarnation is one layer, it’s the jam in the sandwich. Below and above, layers. Your loved one is still there, the pain is part of your connection to them.

Grief can and does transform back into painless, joyful love. For those whose grief blocks their God experience, they feel the grief as a connection to their loved one. It is frightening to let go of the pain, experiencing grief is a demonstration of your love for the one who died. (Shows me various cultures where a public display of grief is culturally mandated: women in black dresses, cutting hair, living in isolation for prescribed periods of time, spending additional time in church, shifting societal roles completely – becoming a nun, moving in with children etc. He also then shows me people who have joyfully rejected mourning tradition.)

The correct path of grief is the one each person takes.

Why is the God Moment so elusive when people are asking for it and actively seeking it?

(chuckles) God has a sense of humour. Not cruel, the irony is: divinity is always in front of you. All around you and in the mirror. What you think and feel in response is *your* interpretation of divinity. If a person has already decided that God is cruel, who is God to convince them otherwise?

In every cult, each member experiences the divine within the structure of that cult – the fear, what keeps them tied to a destructive religious organization – is that they might lose that connection with the divine that they found through this system of faith.

Ultimately faith and proof of God is a reflection on your own faith in yourself.

If I may go on a tangent, this is why bringing faith into addiction recovery is so powerful – it allows people permission to see the God within themselves, and forgive themselves their addiction and the terrible actions they took while motivated by cravings for a substance. (Reminds me he was in recovery and this kick-started a God Moment or two for him.)

That’s enough for today, love!

Thank you for popping in, George, I really appreciate it.

10 thoughts on “George: The Elusive God Moment

  1. This morning my grandmother passed away after a long battle with Alzheimer’s. She had been in such a weakened state that she caught both Influenza A & B (although she had been vaccinated) and this brought on pneumonia in both lungs. For over a week she seemed to cling to life and finally gave up today. I am actually very happy for her, which is a bit surprising. I felt a great wave of peace when reading George saying that, “The correct path of grief is the one each person takes.” That was my God Moment for today. It was to remind me that I don’t have to feel guilty for actually being happy for my grandmother. I’m not glad she’s dead, I’m grateful that she’s free!

    My grief for my grandma’s death isn’t being expressed today as sadness, but gratitude for the release and knowing that my grandma will remember all of us again and will experience a joy that I cannot imagine in being totally free! I have been missing my grandma for much longer than just recently. She hasn’t known who I am for a long time now, after that part of her memories was erased from her deteriorating mind. She used to be such a creative lady. She and my grandfather would go down to Texas and live by the ocean during their retirement years for the winter. She collected tons of seashells and she saw different shapes in them that reminded her of animals, flowers, and various creatures. She made a bunch of these seashell sculptures and I have a whole box of them that I saved when my grandparents had to move to a care facility. I looked at them the other day and it’s amazing how creative she was! I put a few of them on my son’s shelf in his room. There are dinosaurs, elephants, cowboys, alligators, helicopters, and airplanes that she made out of a variety of seashells. There’s even a bunch of little frogs with cigarettes sticking out of their mouths (but I didn’t put that one on his shelf – he’s 2 lol) I am sad that this disease stole this creativity from her and from us. But I’m so glad she is no longer prisoner to that body anymore and it’s exciting to imagine what she will be creatively capable of now that she’s back Home!

    Anyway, thanks for posting this today. It was really great to read it on this occasion. I know you have no idea what sort of impact these things have on people. Like you said, you just make the space for the little miracles and move out of the way! This one worked out particularly well for me, so thanks Kate!
    Tim from Iowa

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  2. Wow, Kate. It’s absolutely amazing how much this resonates with me today. I’ve been reading all your delightful posts, but I’ve been keeping in the background, lurking & remaining silent, as I’ve been healing quietly from recently having experienced such darkness in my life. After over a year of feeling very lost, I’ve been stumbling forwards, trying to find my way to the Light that I felt I had lost. I had such glorious God Moments in recent years that by comparison, especially after facing such personal spiritual darkness, it almost felt like an absence on God’s part, which was beyond horrible. The feeling that I had lost my connection to the Divine or was no longer in God’s favour, or at least not feeling the Heavenly love from above anymore, was disturbing and depressing beyond words. Of all the Love in all of Creation, I feel the Creator’s Love is the most important. This very morning I was praying and speaking to God, pretty much begging for a sign that S/He still cares. I imagined how awful it would be to not end up in a place of Light & Love after death but instead end up in some in-between place, a dimension of trapped souls/entities who haven’t enough Light in them to be lifted up into the higher spheres. I know I still have lots of healing to do, and reading, writing, good movies & music, long walks and talks with close friends has helped wonderfully, not to mention the addition of a gorgeous guitar in my life that I recently purchased, a stunning Fender Strat that I’m almost attracted to, has inspired me like nothing else. (I even named the glittering golden-orange beauty Phoenix–I’d love to rise up out of the ashes as well) It’s driving me to create and discover and learn and explore. It’s given me passion and excitement, which I really needed in my life. So it was beyond beautiful that the lyrical words of this lovely musician struck such a chord with me. I had also been feeling the pain of grief for my mom and other lost loved ones this morning, so George’s (or Mr. Harrison’s) words had me literally shaking, tears pouring out of me, as I read his marvelous words. I’m sure he passed on this message to reach out to many of your readers, but this came at me like an arrow shot directly at the heart, target hit. So I’d like to thank you both. Kate, you have uplifted me many times, at dire moments when I was chin deep in sorrow, and I want to thank you. You have given me hope in the past, and this post is no exception. I need to feel God’s Love. I think we all do, that many people wouldn’t admit it, not even to themselves, but what else is there, at the very core of everything, than being loved by our very creator? I don’t mean to ramble on (but I suppose you’ve gotten rather used to that about me by now) but the timing was simply perfect. Thank you, Kate. Thank you, George. Bless you both.
    Lots of Love,


      • Hey Kate,
        I meant to share this the other day. This picture appeared online not too long after you put up this wonderful post and I can actually imagine George Harrison appearing something like this in Heaven, playing the music of the spheres, perhaps along with the equally Divine Ravi Shankar. I can’t even imagine how much more AMAZING music sounds in the higher realms! (But would love to someday.) ❤ Hope you enjoy ^_^


  3. About 20 years ago when I stumbled into a meditation group I felt like a fish out of water. I did not understand the language and felt anxious about the lessons.
    They were using words like Life force and Energies. Talking about The divine essence. One night as I sat quietly not doing the class exercise John Lennon came to visit. He explained that my fears were caused because of language so when they say The essence you would say… God I replied and so it went on.
    At the time I had no idea I was a medium. I just assumed this happened in meditation.
    I have met John many times since then. Usually he will bring someone through. A lovely man.
    It was not until I met Kate on twitter that I felt comfortable to talk about John. Her ease and natural way of communicating is an inspiration and its nice to know that George and John are so willing to help where they can.
    Whenever I fell uncomfortable in class or unfamiliar with the words I remember what John said and I am so grateful to him for his help. For his gentle healing.
    Bless John and George and of course Kate.
    These blogs do so much good and help so many people like me who are still learning. Still trying to bring it out of the head and into the world.
    Thank you Kate making it real.


  4. If you read this, Kate, I have a question: In the 8th paragraph, beginning “It’s such a classic question ….” did you mean to use the word “neural” or “neutral?” Also, I too love the painting above …… just wonderful.


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