Telepathic Communication Class – Working on it!

I know I’ve been promising you guys another run of the Telepathic Communication Development Class – I AM still working on it, and I decided to make that my top priority, balanced with the podcast.

I may scale the podcast back to twice a month, so that two weekends a month I can spend a day developing the class materials.

The reason why this is taking some work is because I want to produce a few tiers of accessibility.

I’m creating class materials, so you can study before the live classes and review the material afterwards.

I’m creating an “audiobook” version of the material, so that you can listen while you’re doing other things. It will be similar to the Joyful Telepathy Podcast, but more structured. I’m halfway done.

These materials will be available as part of the live classes, which will run for two consecutive weekends. The live tele-classes will include individual group readings, as the first class did. Those who take the live tele-class will also receive a downloadable mp3 of the class, which they can keep forever!

I’m considering making the class materials available separate from the class, like textbooks in a University book store. You don’t have to be signed up to the class to buy the textbook. I like this idea for a variety of reasons.

I’m thinking of using to facilitate the sale and distribution of the class materials, but I’m open to suggestions if you folks know of or prefer a different platform.

What do you guys think?

I really, REALLY want to thank the sweethearts who have emailed me over the past few months asking about the class, you guys are my cheerleaders and I so appreciate it!

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