On Wednesdays we wear Pink!


Wow, did I ever have a tough day yesterday! I’ll tell you folks all about it in a later post… It involves me yelling at four middle-aged, big men. Not insulting-yelling, but using an ASSERTIVE loud voice, standing while three men are asked me to please sit down.

It was a big day.

Today, I had a couple of lovely readings, and now I’m wrapped all up in yellow.

This is something we intuitively do, and we don’t always realize the energetic impact of colour on our life. If you become aware of how colours affect you, you can use it to your advantage!

While I’m doing readings, I frequently wear all pink. (On Wednesdays we wear pink!) There’s an energetic reason pink is associated with love, and I find pink clothing to be supportive of connecting people with the pets and spirits they love.

White is another great reading colour, and I also find white to be protective. I have a white kerchief I wear on days I feel vulnerable. It works as well as quartz crystals, some days!

Today, it’s yellow. Why do I feel the need to surround myself with yellow?

I experience it as recharging. Yellow like the sun, nourishing and supportive like sunlight. It helps me to psychologically recover from a tough day, or a low-energy period. It boosts my mood and my confidence. It helps to alleviate worry, too.

Have you ever noticed yourself going through colour phases? Sweetie went through a three-year period where she wore orange every day!

I think we all do it. Ask yourself, how does this colour make me feel? What changes about how you feel when you wear or just look at this colour?

This extends outwards to the colours you surround yourself with – what colours surround you? Does it affect you?

Here’s a good place to start:

Are you in a colour phase right now?

Did you / do you have a favourite colour?

2 thoughts on “On Wednesdays we wear Pink!

  1. golly how i love synchronicity. 🙂 i recently started studying color therapy and wow, what a difference its made in my day-to-day life. last year, i noticed that my home and closet were very earth-tone centric. after studying feng shui as well as chakras, i started to notice what aspects of my life needed more attention and what, perhaps, was receiving a bit too much of my focus. in more recent months, i’ve found myself wearing far more purples and pinks…and am now practically craving orange. i tend to wear brown on days i want to get a lot accomplished, and always wear blue (or turquoise earrings) when i feel a strong need to communicate clearly. love color therapy!!!


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