I see you! Really!

Alright, first of all: I’ve missed authorizing a few comments on some of the older entries. There are some really cool discussions happening on older entries, particularly the celebrity ones. If y’all would like to comment here with links to the entries that have comments you’ve posted which I have not authorized, I’ll approve them all tonight. I really *love* that these years-old posts are getting so much attention!

Maybe I should look into getting a forum / conversation board set up?

Second: I’m behind on my email and facebook comments – Emails of course are top priority. I will do my best to catch these up this week. I am *not* ignoring you, I promise. Last week was very busy, what with my mother’s tumour coming back, the new house, my sister’s engagement. I will not be as close to my computer in the next few weeks because I’ll be on the phone, packing, driving to sign paperwork, make payments, set up utilities etc.

So please forgive the tardiness of my responses.

Kathryn the Office Goddess is just as busy as I am, and I’m toying with the idea of hiring an outside Office Goddess. I’m not sure how that would work. If anyone has a VA (or is a virtual assistant) to recommend, please send me an email! tofinopsychic

Sessions are now booking into April! Things are starting to get busy! If you’d like to book a session, you can book in mid-late April, and in May.

And hey, the Tarot class is gaining some fans! I haven’t posted the lovely feedback I’ve received on it (because that falls under emails) but I am so grateful for your kind words! Powerful Divination with Tarot is just $25, it’s a fun-filled hour where I go through my method for using the cards, and how you can use them as a tool to strengthen your own Telepathic Communication skills!

Thank you everyone! Keep up the conversation, I’m LOVING it!

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