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  1. I think the thing that is difficult to grasp is that while Jesus of Nazareth/Yeshua ben Joseph was a human and he’s taking that form to relate to us in this instance, he was/is also the representative of the Living Christ, which is the Universal Christ within each of us. Which is why when you connect with him, you are connecting to Christ within yourself. Jesus is sort of the mental construct you need as a human in order to relate to this thing, “Christ.” Christ is the power/function/aspect of God that connects the “separate” individuals to God. “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6) When Jesus spoke these words he was not referring to himself as the historical personality, Jesus of Nazareth, he was referring to himself as The Christ. Christianity has tried to use that verse to declare that theirs is the only valid path to God, but that was a gross misunderstanding of what Jesus meant when he said that. I’ve heard elsewhere that Jesus holds a sort of “office” as the Official Earth Representative of Christ (or whatever title you want to call it). He isn’t the only person to have obtained Christ Consciousness, but he was born to show the people their true potential. So, he was indeed an extraordinary human being, but his life and message was meant to be an example to follow for ALL humans to raise their own consciousness to Christhood. It is through raising the consciousness of humanity that Christ will “return” to Earth.

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  2. Amazing. You know, I’m such a literal person, Phoggy. Whenever Jesus concepts get abstract, something in my brain goes, “That’s bullshit! Jesus was a great guy, funny, humanitarian, but come on…” Yet at the same time, I *know* we all are connected, I know you don’t need a pastor to talk directly to god (or jesus for that matter.) Yet what you just said is starting to make sense, in a weird way.

    I remember when my ex-catholic girlfriend explained the whole “christ died for our sins” thing. THAT still makes no sense to me!


  3. I like things to fit nicely into my mental “boxes” too, but I am understanding that is kind of hard to do with these kinds of concepts. I think words are pitifully incompetent ways of expressing ideas because they force you to HAVE to fit them in a mental box. “Jesus” is one of the most complex concepts I’ve ever tried to wrap my head around. I come from a Christian background so it’s pretty multi-layered. I’m still trying to sort out old, outdated understandings with newer, more expensive ones of who Jesus was and who/what he actually is. It gets pretty intense sometimes!

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  4. When I was younger, it was important to me to attempt to puzzle out the “truth” of concepts like Jesus. Spiritual detective work, if you will. But over the last five years or so, I’m learning that there are a lot of things that I just don’t need to know, that seeking the “truth” of just won’t make a meaningful difference in how I want to live the rest of this incarnation. Jesus (with whatever label one likes attached to “him”) is one of those things. (Can I call Jesus something else? Bob? Phil? Marigold? I just can’t get past the Christian-centric vision of the thing labelled “Jesus”. It puts my hackles up. Added: Haha! Just looked up the meaning of Marigold — yup, “Mary’s Gold”, “Herb of the Sun”. Marigold, it is then.)

    On the other hand, something similar to your “soul bubbles” has been on my mind for months (via some other studies). Parallel lives, concurrent lives, the whole thing. I don’t often read Channeling Eric these days, even when you post there, but I did read this one post and it was funny to see that all pop up briefly in the conversation. Great minds… 😉

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  5. Really impressed with Phoggy’s analysis …… very insightful and beautifully written. It may not be exactly right …… I just don’t know …… but it feels true to me. Thank you.


  6. Something else ……. in my opinion, Kate, your question about deities on other planets and whether they know each other was never addressed.


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