No internet!


(The moving crew) 

Folks! Thank you for all the birthday wishes!

Our move was amazing, the best, most fun move I’ve ever had!  We LOVE our new house!  We have a deer who hangs out in our back yard and an eagle who flies over our house at sunrise.  

It is SO QUIET.  So very quiet.  We have been sleeping about 12 hours a night.

The only sticking point: we were denied internet by our choice provider.  Durn it.  I had high hopes for that.  Oh well, on Tuesday I’ll call around and get the dial up equivalent of cable internet, which will at least get me connected.  Alas, no skype or cool video conferences, and emails will pile up a bit until we’re hooked up.  I’ll do my best to check them from Internet cafés and hopefully we’ll get our new house connected in the next week. 

The best news is I DID snag a killer long distance plan for our landline, so there is no issue with doing readings.

That’s it!  Thanks for the love, all!

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