Countdown to internet

So many things on my to do list – but all happy things!

Once there is internet at home, there will be another podcast episode.  

I am planning on releasing the audio class on a schedule this spring, and have two conference calls in coordination with the release of the classes – I’m SO excited about that one.   

There are, of course, the readings.  I’ve had to delay sending the recordings to people because it’s too expensive to upload using my cell phone data.  BUT I figured out how to make a “mobile hot spot” with my phone, so at least I can keep an eye on emails and keep up with crucial communication.

Ain’t technology grand?  It’s incredible what has become possible in the past 5 years.

Even so, our home internet will be limited (50 gig /month) so there will be no streaming of classes until our little community finally gets the fibre optic cable rolled over the mountain.

Thank you everyone who has sent kind words and well-wishes to my Mom.  

3 thoughts on “Countdown to internet

  1. Hey Kate so I was thinking about the photos I sent you for our 19th session. The blonde in the photo with Louie was me! His mommy 🙂 I hope you get internet soon so I can upload the session. I’ve been trying to think back and remember what was said and asked but I was too excited to hear from my son. Oh how I miss him. Well let me know how it goes and I will be patiently waiting.


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