The Mother: So what is your job, anyway?

Bruce: May individual spirits move freely from the purview of one oversoul to another or are souls “bound” in the main to one group? Can a member of the human oversoul extend a PORTION of his/her energy into another oversoul group for the experience, while retaining their abiding place within the human oversoul?

Kate: Okay, so, how flexible or fixed is a soul’s categorization as “human” or anything else? Some people (including Sylvia Browne) have said that a soul is distinctly specialized to a species – human souls incarnate only as humans, dogs only as dogs etc. Personally, this hasn’t sounded right to me, and there have been enough pet readings where human people’s pets describe their experiences as human in past lives. It’s very rare that when inquiring into a human’s past lives that an animal life comes up, though. It has happened, though.

So from the oversoul / mother perspective, how does that all work?

Mother: The beauty of channeling energy from source, through the branches of life, through your own body, brain and frame of references, is the answers conform to the context of the questions you have asked. Frequently, when a human asks about their past lives, they’re implicitly asking about past HUMAN lives. It would be delightfully funny if you said, “You were an amoeba!” It would very often be true!

It is useful to consider the consciousness’ journey to be evolutionary, as long as one does not use this evolutionary point of view to decide one form of life is “more evolved” and superior. It is human nature to assume superiority to others, it’s part of the adventure! No other animal on earth views itself as with such entitlement in exactly the same way.

(pause) Cats, and similar predators come close. (Loves cats, shows me lions as well as housecats. Shows me predatory animals feel and are entitled to their food, the lives and bodies of other animals. It’s in their nature, they could not exist, otherwise. In the same way, human nature orients us to feel entitled.)

The fascinating part (of this entitlement) is the evolution of human consciousness – humanity is the only species that is learning to DOUBT their entitlement to the things they’ve evolved to consume! No predator stops to consider converting to vegetarianism out of respect for the life of the prey animal! This is truly and earthly and human experience! I am truly delighted as this development!

(Shows me this “doubt” has been around for thousands of years, and began with fasting rituals. Fasting rituals were quickly utilized by spiritual leaders as ways to guide others through their own out-of-body experiences. Mild to moderate forms of self-poisoning followed.)

Humans are unique in their desire to LEAVE their bodies and experience their non-corporeal form WHILE they are incarnated! Such a contradiction! (Lots of love!)

Kate: To clarify, doubting our human entitlement isn’t the only purpose for human evolution / existence. There are many, many lessons at play.

Mother: (warmth) of course!


So, what is the “job” of the oversoul? If an individual consciousness can move through an amoeba group of incarnations and up through more complex life forms, mammals and then human…

Mother: (jumps in to correct an assumption) Not every consciousness has gone through a succession of incarnations as multiple species on a particular planet. Some beings specialize in incarnations as only one type of physical species. The consistency facilitates their understanding and learning. This is why many of the people / beings you will speak with have generally reincarnated along the same species. They are not bound to the species, the species best reflects their soul expression, how they exist and differentiate themselves from other forms of consciousness.

(reminds me) the branching off (creation) of individual soul consciousness can occur in a number of ways. Most plant, animal and inscect species on earth have branched off from the earth’s own source consciousness. You could consider the earth to be the “mother” of all these species, including humanity.

The exceptions are the increasing long-term visitors (translates both as “visitors” and “immigrants”) An individual being may be specialized in the experiences of another planet, and gained the desire to experience the complexities and challenges of earth. There are many (thousands, maybe more?) beings who are WAITING to incarnate on this challenging planet, to experience rapid growth. Physical bodies on earth are limited, and genetic lines of humanity are reserved by soul groups.

Kate: So a soul from another planet couldn’t just jump into a human life because they wanted to, they have to be in cooperation with the souls that have been incarnating for a while? One soul can’t bump another soul out of line, right?

Mother: Yes, the planning is complex. There are occasions where an outside soul is welcomed into a soul family / group incarnating on earth to help break negative behavior patterns the genetic line is experiencing (abuse, aggression, other unbalanced or destructive behaviours.)

Ask me about soul families, next time!

Animals which have evolved alongside humanity begin (and choose) to develop more complex life plans. Domesticated animals frequently reincarnate as other domesticated animals, even if they choose a different species. Their soul consciousness is interested in the domesticated animal experience alongside humanity.

To answer your question simply, the oversoul in attendance of a particular life is determined by the physical species that soul is experiencing. Yet an oversoul does not determine the path of that soul. Mothers influence their children, but they can not control where they go, or what they do!


So what is the “job” of the oversoul?

Mother: The oversoul is needed to ground and centralize the intent of the very existence of the species. The intent of humanity is complex (shows me a sparkly diamond “many faceted”). The intent of a species of tree is simple: to hold ground, to witness, to preserve, to nurture, to grow, to die, to perpetuate.

Humanity’s intent could be boiled down to these same terms, but this explanation would feel unsatisfactory to many! (love)

5 thoughts on “The Mother: So what is your job, anyway?

  1. “There are many (thousands, maybe more?) beings who are WAITING to incarnate on this challenging planet, to experience rapid growth.”

    I have heard many times, through various sources, that Earth is a particularly unique planet in the universe. That there’s something particular about the experience we have here, as well as the physical characteristics of Earth, that are appealing to other non-Earth beings. Sometimes I hear that it’s harder to live here than on any other planet, which is where the opportunity for rapid growth comes into play. The “hard” part about it, if I recall, is the super complexity of the human emotional spectrum and how layers and layers of emotion and consciousness interact with each other in ways that can’t be experience in any other environment. It’s really fascinating and it makes you wonder how much we are unaware of the gift and blessing we have to be here, even though much of the time we seem to be so discontent with our experience. The odd thing is that it seems like our discontent is precisely the emotion that drives the evolutionary experience!


  2. Really interested in the statement: “Genetic lines of humanity are reserved by soul groups.” I hope this will be discussed and expanded. As well, the whole concept of “soul families” really should be explored. I think we can all learn a great deal from this. Thank you, Mother.


  3. Very interesting, Kate! She sounds like a lovely, powerful and compassionate source of Divine Love and information. The first (and only) time I had an experience with DMT, I encountered a very loving, comforting and powerful mothering spirit and I wonder if it was The Mother or a very similar spirit/energy. It was a wonderful and profound moment and it’s a comfort to know how powerful the Love is above. And there’s nothing quite like the purity and power of unconditional maternal love. Thanks for the interview, Kate & Mother. Soul groups/families/tribes were actually something I wanted to ask you about in our upcoming reading, Kate. The idea that our souls travel together or meet up again and again in different existences is also comforting. When fate and love combine, it’s magic ^_^

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  4. Great information Kate 🙂
    I recently found two articles about Soul Groups, Soulmates and Twin Flames. It seems that what many perceive as a Twin Flame actually is our Soul family/group, so what some perceive that we only have ONE true Twin Flame, we have many Twin Flames who are our Soul Family. This topic would be great to discuss further

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    • You know what? The terminology “twin flame” doesn’t sit well for me. Just as you said, we have history with many, we incarnate with similar groups around us.

      I guess I resist the idea that one type of love is superior to another – a new love is inferior to a “twin flame”. Not true.


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