Ep. 34 Emotionally Challenging Pets

34 emotionally challenging pets

This was a tough one for me to talk about:  what happens when you feel your pet is too much?  What do you do when you’re over your head or at the end of your rope with a pet, particularly a dog?

Our little animal family has faced some new challenges: Happy has been attacking Sunshine as though he wants to kill her.  He locks in on her, and it’s gotten exponentially worse since Sunshine’s started taking medication for her hypothyroidism.  It has changed her smell, and Happy’s prey drive is nearly irresistible.

We talk about the *most* difficult dog situations, the challenges, judgment and even shame of “failure.”

How to cope when you feel you have limited choices with emotionally challenging pets.


How do you like the new podcast cover?  It’s like, HERE’S MY FACE!!!!  I like it though.  It looks more like me.

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4 thoughts on “Ep. 34 Emotionally Challenging Pets

  1. Noel and I need to line up a Pet Session soon. We have four cats. Three are females. Baby Girl is easy going, sweet and even a little dumb like. CoCo is smart, mean and hateful. But CoCo is only mean to Baby Girls. She’s fine with the other two cats and everyone else. It’s wreaking havoc in our family’s energy balance. Baby Girl (passive cat) pooed, in a basket, up above the sink on our kitchen. Because CoCo ( aggressive cat) stood guard and wouldn’t allow baby Girl access to her own private little box. We have them separated at each ends of the house. Fortunately, with my Sherlock Holmes style of deductive reasoning and a keen sense of smell , I was able to quickly locate the scene of the crime.

    We need to find out what is in CoCo’s mind.
    How and why it started.
    And how to resolve it.

    I’ll talk to Noel about contacting you.


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