Went to a FABULOUS nursery in Port Alberni yesterday.  Beautiful, healthy happy plants, very affordable,  

I went a little nuts.  I was really feeling and missing my Mom yesterday, and followed the impulse to buy things that reminded me of her.  When I was a baby, we had a massive palm tree and a huge, fragrant jasmine.  

I adopted a new Ficus, no name yet, and a kumquat tree!  My Oma had one of these in her little sunroom over their deck.  It’s full of tiny little oranges!

I also brought home this fabulous bushy creature from Hawaii.  I forget what it’s called.

After laying down in the car for a few hours, the plants started to feel confused.  The leaves didn’t Understand why the direction of “up” had changed, why the light had suddenly changed.  By the time we got home, the poor thing was downright dizzy.

The living room was made immediately pleasant by the addition of these new friends.  They’re used to the very best, so it’ll take a while before they adjust to the angle of the light coming through a window.  

It’s finally starting to feel like home.

9 thoughts on “Adoption!

  1. I love them! My plants mean so much to me – I talk to them as friends, and they really flourish under the right conditions and with praise. I’ve got Evelyn kissing them every time we water them. Your new friends are beautiful!


  2. I love the picture with the partial cat (dear Sunshine) claiming ‘her’ space in the mix. :0)
    It amused me because I was getting caught up on your podcasts this week, and had just listened to one where a reader asked (and I can’t remember the exact words, so here’s MY translation of the question…. because I have cats that do this….. “Why do cats knock shit over and off of things?”). I looked at the picture and immediately wondered if and how Sunshine could rearrange things…. knock shit over…. just to suit HER needs. :0)


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