Pet Bed Drama



I recently bought two new pet beds.   Because I have TWO pets, and I wanted to be fair.

I put the cat bed downstairs in the living room, where Sunshine spends the most time, and I put the dog bed in the bedroom for the same reason, besides, he has his old dog bed downstairs!

Well yesterday, there was an exchange I wish I’d caught on video:

Happy has had designs on the cat bed from the moment he saw it.  He sees it as a thing for the cat IN THE LIVINGROOM that he doesn’t have.  It doesn’t matter to him that he has a new bed upstairs that he uses more.  When he’s downstairs, he wants the new bed.

Yesterday, Sunshne walks into the living room and eyes the dog, who has taken up his passive protest in his one-pup movement OCCUPY CAT BED.  She side-eyes him and suddenly becomes entranced by his mini tennis ball.  Oh this ball is so much fun!  Gosh I just love this ball! It’s mine!

Then she swats the ball across the room so that it rolls by Happy, in a way that would create an impulse for him to chase it.  Cats understand prey drive.  She stared at the dog, preparing to jump in the bed the second his fluffy butt was off of it.

Happy, incredibly, resists the urge.  It must’ve made his toenails curl, to stay put when the cat created a moment for him to not only chase a moving ball, but take it back from HER!

Happy really, really REALLY wanted the bed!  More than is ball!  In dog currency, that’s like paying a month’s salary for one good dress.

So today, I popped by ocean pet foods and bought ANOTHER bed.  Apparently, I need three beds for two pets.

I hope everyone is happy now!

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