Just LOOK at this little guy:

See, the best laid plans about getting Ragdolls, and here, two Maine Coon kittens available in Victoria. RIGHT BEFORE we are planning on going to Vic. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES??? I was looking for Maine Coon kittens for ages and couldn’t find any near me that weren’t from sketchy / incredibly expensive breeders.

Is THIS one of our future kittens???

We’ll have to see how this all works out! But COME ON! How cute / crazy serendipitous is this?

We won’t know until I meet them, and if everything aligns, these kittens will wait for us. As things stand right now, we are planning on visiting the Ragdoll breeder on the 28th to check out her facilities, meet a few cats and *possibly* get kittens IF there are any available.

This little orange guy apparently has a brother.

Ooooo what’s going to happen???

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