Ep 36. Wild Kitten Chase!

36 the wild kitten chase

This podcast episode The Wild Kitten Chase is just for you, blog friends!  I know you’re all just perched on the edge of your seats to find out what happened with our kitten mission this weekend!

We DID visit the breeder this weekend, we did not return with kittens, and we went on what shall henceforth be known as The Wild Kitten Chase!

This very special podcast episode features our first non-animal guest, Sweetie!  We pretty much came home last night, flopped into bed, and I recorded this podcast with the pets all around us, while everything was fresh and funny!

Now, everything is uploaded and it’s weird, it looks like only half of the podcast may have uploaded?  It’s past my bedtime folks.  I’m just going to post this and if the podcast only partially posted, I’ll figure that out later.  I have no idea why that would happen!

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