I may have found him!?! Wild Kitten Chase


After last weekend’s experience, I was feeling rather discouraged.  You would think, for a psychic, this reincarnation stuff would be a bit easier, a bit less emotionally fraught.  Not so, apparently.  I remember the last time I felt like this, it was when Mocha had taken herself for a walk on a sunny afternoon and disappeared for 16 hours.  In my worried searching for her, I just couldn’t “lock in” and find her, or talk to her at all.

After pasting the town with fliers, calling the taxi company to keep an eye out for her, and talking to all the grocery tellers asking them to ask people watch our for her, I fell into a semi-despairing sleep.  I woke up from this sleep at 2am, to the *certainty* that Mocha was at the front door.  And so she was.  She came in, drank about three liters of water, and then slept for 12 hours straight.  We later figured out that she’d walked the length of the beach and become stranded during high tide.  She’d had to wait for the tide to go back out before returning.

Well, looking for Leo feels a lot like looking for a missing pet, and I haven’t been able to really “lock on” to him, either.  Not for a while.  This is why I was so excited about ragdolls this weekend.  It felt right.  This is also why it was so confusing when the environment was not what I’d expected AT ALL.

I now have my wonderful friend in Rescue, and self-described “Pit-Bull Pimp” calling her friends looking for kittens.  She’s already sent me bunches of photos, and we were planning on visiting the SPCA in Port Alberni tomorrow, even though Sunshine says we won’t find them tomorrow.  The pictures of the kittens in Port Alberni don’t feel right either.

I decided, today, to call this ragdoll breeder in Victoria whose website I’ve been checking for nearly two years.  I’ve always enjoyed the photos of her cats and kittens, because all the photos show them *inside the house*, looking out windows and playing on the furniture.  Alas, she hasn’t posted available kittens in over a year, which is why I didn’t contact her in the first place.

I sent her an email with a very brief account of our experience, and asked if she’d be willing to meet us in person *before* we committed to buying kittens from her, if she had any planned for the next six months.  She emailed back right away saying she was sorry we’d had such a disappointing experience, and as it happened she did have kittens available.  Would we like to talk on the phone?

I just got off the phone with her, and here’s the story.

Ragdoll Mom, as I’ll call her, had just returned after an extended, emergency stay with her ailing family member in Vancouver, and had to leave her cats at home, (presumably in the care of a human who wasn’t used to supervising fertile pets.)  While Ragdoll Mom had not been planning on breeding her cats, and despite none of her cats being in heat, nor being due for being in heat, and despite their single male wearing “anti copulation pants”, she returned to kittens.  Beautiful, but unplanned, unadvertised and unspoken for.  This happened exactly ten weeks ago.

And guess what?  There’s an orange-tabby-pointed male.  Big, easy-going, already dog-friendly, as he plays with the collie puppy in their home.

This big, orange tabby “flame point” male has a sister, who will grow up to be “torbie” but who is currently all white.

I won’t know until I hold him whether this is my big beautiful Leo cat, but I’m very hopeful, you guys!

And guess what!

Ragdoll Mom also does not believe in pediatric spay / neutering.  We actually see eye to eye on many things.  Her kittens *really are* born right in her house, handled since birth, kept warm and safe and provided with vaccinations from a vet who does house calls.

I have a very good feeling about this you guys.

So, on Sunday, we’re going to drive BACK to Victoria to meet Ragdoll Mom, the mother cat, the father cat and *all of the kittens* and we’ll be allowed to *choose* the ones we want.  There are apparently two big orange boys, and both boys have a sister they’re close to.  She’s even going to hold off on advertising these boys until we have a chance to pick the one we want.

You know what else?  These kittens were just a short walk away from the hotel we were staying at in Victoria last weekend.

We felt close because we WERE close!  Well, we’ll see how this all turns out!

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