My very special boy

Phoenix (as we’re calling him for now) knows he’s my cat.  He remembers so much from his life as Leo.  He remembers Happy the dog “Why is he so big?”  He repeats so many behaviours that I think is unique to Leo.  He plays in the bath tub even though Griffin hates to get wet.  He grabs my hand and draws it towards his head when he wants a rough scratch.  He tunnels under blankets repeating his favourite game of Cat in the Sheets!

Griffin, by the way, rolled on his back last night, showed me his back end and said “Look! My butt is clean!”  He knows that’s important.  Good job, buddy!

I am careful to give Griffin as much attention as Phoenix, but Griffin knows he belongs to Sweetie.  He asks to get down when I pick him up, and he goes out of his way to engage Sweetie.  Griffin is a very different personality – more deliberate, full on.  Phoenix will hang back, evaluate, strategize.

And Phoenix gives me hugs and kisses every morning.  This is what Leo did when I found him at the humane society in 1999.  Now, as Phoenix, he does it every day.  

It’s like he’s saying, “I remember you.  You are my person.  I am your cat.  We are together.”

12 thoughts on “My very special boy

  1. How adorable !!!! Glad you finally found the right kitten(s) – they are very lucky to have you guys in their lives. I’m still on the hunt myself to find kittens to fill some very big shoes…..I’ll know when I’ve found the right ones as well, but the search is so frustrating !

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  2. Kate, I’m so happy for you all!

    Did I ever tell you the story of how I found my Pumpkin?

    It was shortly after my son, Nathan, died in an automobile accident. I hadn’t had a pet for many years, because Nathan was severely allergic (asthma). In that early stage of overwhelming grief, one small consolation was that I could once again have a cat.

    I started looking around, first at kittens. I had the opportunity to adopt a hand-raised orange tabby kitten, but it just didn’t feel right, so I passed on it. I was, however, intrigued by the idea of an orange tabby and spent several hours online Googling ginger tabby photos! My husband wanted a *big* cat, I just wanted a snuggle bunny. I decided to look for an adult rescue cat, one whose personality (and size) would be formed and known. I looked at the website of a local pet rescue organization and one cat just popped out at me, a big orange tabby male. His eyes were piercing. I looked at all the cats, but kept coming back to him.

    I had to apply, of course, but was approved immediately. I arranged to meet several cats as possible adoption options. There were several other very sweet kitties. But, this big orange male almost immediately climbed up on my lap and started purring. His foster mom couldn’t believe it. There was just something about him that I couldn’t define, I just knew he was “the one”. That was my Pumpkin. I felt this strong connection with him that I felt immediately, but couldn’t explain.

    Now this was before I knew anything about all of this woo-woo stuff. Turns out, he’s been my cat several times in this lifetime (and my friend for many lifetimes) and he came back at this particular time of transitions to support me. He’s very special, and I am so grateful that I was guided to him.


    • OHHHH MYYYYY GOOOOOOODDDDD! No, you never did tell me that story! It’s so similar to how I found Leo, the first time. If they’re out there, none of the others seems right. You baffle friends and rescue workers with your indecision over perfectly suitable cats.

      Phoenix is totally my Leo boy, but also a brand new individual in a new body. He has that look babies get when they’re like, “My body is so SMALL and I have to WAIT for it to GROW? WTF???”

      Griffin is very much Sweetie’s boy. He tries to nurse off both of us, our necks or ear lobes, the weirdo, (I guess he’s made the connection that we’re his two new Moms.) But he’s interested the most in Sweetie’s craft stuff, her works in projects, her pencils and art supplies. He’s her little muse, the studio crazy-maker, even though he’s NOT allowed in there. Not yet.


  3. Love the kitten pics and videos, and I’m so happy you and Leo were reunited. The connection is palpable from this end. So very sweet. Kittens are wonderful. And they will grow up to be equally fun companions.

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