Little Snugglers

If you’re gonna be sick, I reccomend having kittens around.  

I caught a throat thing, thank you winter.  It seems I catch something most Octobers… I’ll have to remember that next year.  Sweetie got sick too, so we’re quite the pair.  It was earlier this week that marked the 1 year anniversary of her father’s death, which was also the last time she succumbed to a virus.  Generally, Sweetie’s indestructible.

Anyway, although I spent the entire weekend in bed, and Sweetie was hacking away on the couch, I was not alone.  In fact, I was pretty well-cuddled this whole time.

Happy the dog is being very good around the kittens.  So good, they’re getting a bit pushy with him.  

Sunshine was also feeling unwell this weekend, her hyperthyroid mess are making her nauseous.  This is what I was afraid of when we started down this road.  After 24 hours off food and her meds, she’s starting to eat again.  I’ll reintroduce her meds when she’s eating normally again, and another conversation with the vet is in order.

The kittens went downstairs for a few minutes today, enough to be introduced to Sunshine from afar.  Sunshine is more concerned about Rupert right now, but both kittens respected her personal space.

Rupert has the personality of a tuxedo cat and a brown tabby – he’s such a goof at times.  He’s fascinated by our use of the toilet.  Why don’t we use the litter box?  I think Rupert may be interested in learning how to use the toilet himself some day.  I’ll have to rig something up for him, and of course wait until they’re big enough not to get trapped in the toilet if they fall in.

Well, back to bed for now.  I call all my energy back to me now.  I hope I’m healed by morning.

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