Goodbye Sunny Girl

  It was very difficult for the humans, but for Sunshine, it was easy. She went to sleep from a sedative administered by the vet and we had fifteen minutes of cuddling before the vet asked if we were ready.
Sunny left her body shortly after the first sedative was administered, and it reminded me of the day Mocha died. I could see Mocha sitting beside her body for a good two hours before her body died, and I thought that, maybe, her body remained alive because her spirit was so close.
Now, I think her spirit stayed close because her body was going through its death.  
Sunshine said “I feel so much better!” She gave me the feeling of pain lifting, like a background noise that’s been there so long, you don’t notice it until it stops.  
Sweetie could feel Sunny brush against her as I watched her spirit walk around on the table, and Sweetie commented on it just as I was watching it, nice confirmation for us both to sense the same thing simultaneously.
After Sunny passed from the barbiturate overdose administered once she’d fallen asleep, Sweetie and I spent some time together with the body. My Mom was there, as indicated by the HUGE spider on the private door to the outside. It was a nice setup actually, we were able to leave out that door when we were ready.  
When I picked up the empty kennel, it felt heavy. Sunny said “We’re playing a joke on them.” The vets thought Sunny was there on the table, but we all knew she was in the kennel, coming back home.
That’s it for now… I’m pretty pooped. Thank you for the love and prayers everyone. We can feel it, and it really does help.

10 thoughts on “Goodbye Sunny Girl

  1. Awww, our little Sun has set 😢 I hope my Umie says hello to her (I always thought they would’ve been kitty friends). I hope you and Sweetie (and the pets) all hang in there as best you can. Rest in peace, my adorable fluffy friend. ❤️🐾


  2. Thank you so much for sharing the experience with us. It’s still heartbreaking, I know, even when you have the kind of communication you have, but you are definitely surrounded by love. ❤


  3. Thank you for this, Katie. I have three dogs and one cat who are all seniors, on the edge of jumping off to the other side. I get so sad thinking that I may lose them soon but your description helped me change my perspective. I love them here and I can love them when they shed their physical body. Susan


  4. Lots of love & peace to you, Kate, & Sweetie too, as well as your sweet Sunshine. Losing an animal family member is always difficult but it sounds like the passing of Sunshine was a peaceful one & that she was ready to go. What a special sounding kitty. & how comforting that you have a strong & special connection to the other side. I’m sure she’ll come visit you in spirit form. Such wonderful proof that love transcends that veil. Sending love & comfort & virtual cookies your way 💛🍪


  5. Sorry for your loss, Kate and Sweetie. How wonderful, though, that you can still communicate with her and enjoy her company, even if it is in spirit form. Hope Sunshine and the kittens get along. 🙂

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    • Sunshine has been roaring around here in a spirit kitten body! You can see the boys getting “smarter”! So often we see her out of the corner of our eye and think it’s Mikey, but we find him playing elsewhere with Rupert. She’s here!


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