The Ceremony

i thought I’d put this article right here… So many articles on the boat accident are repetitive and wrong in little ways.  I really appreciate the reporting on the community’s ability to love and support each other, to help transfer the burden of trauma from the shoulders of the few to the many in the community.

I heard one of the survivors stories today.  It’s not mine to tell, and Toficians have a long tradition of protecting the privacy of those who visit.  (Probably why we get so many celebrities repeatedly visiting too.). But the story revealed a new fact that the media coverage failed to report:

They were in the water for over an hour.  The flare that was spotted was miles from the only boat.  Some people, unable to get to the life raft, were in deisel – slicked ocean for over an hour.  

It is a miracle they survived.  Six souls lost.  

21 lived to tell their story.  

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