Ghost Dogs

(Photo taken two days after we adopted Happy.)

On Monday, I took a long bath.  The nice thing about bathing is, it makes it SUPER easy to talk to any spirit / animal / friend who wants to get through to me.  It puts me in the right head space and it kind of amplifies everything.

So I got in the tub, and suddenly, there was Mocha.  Big cattle dog smile, and there was Happy, practically glued to her side.  Mocha said “I’m supervising him again!”  She then let it be known that Happy needs 24/7 supervision, and so she will not be reincarnating.  I didn’t know Mocha was even thinking about coming back, it had never come up – but she let me know that it’s off the table, since Happy is her job now.

I told this to Sweetie, because I immediately felt huge relief.  Happy is okay, and he’s in this doggy recovery / healing space, with Mocha on that expansive outdoor space that reminds me of the farm from the movie “Babe”.  Mocha showed me the best thing about it is, Happy always and only ever found peace in his mind when he was running full tilt.  There, in their heaven, Happy can run as far and as long as he wants, with Mocha at his side.  He never gets lonely and he never gets tired.  

Today when I came home, Sweetie was really upset.  She viscerally experienced Happy back in the house, growling from his kennel.  She was so startled, she ran out of the room.

She had been watching a tense show at the time, and Happy would mirror our tension.  It was just his way of being, he growled at the slightest provocation, every unseen noise or just a jump in the energy of the room.  

Sweetie was so upset, thinking Happy was haunting our house!  Well, maybe he was just visiting, doing the thing he almost always did, so we’d know it was him!  I suggested she ask Mocha to come get him, next time.  

I remember doing a session for a friend of mine who had a little dog in heaven.  Her little Yorkie showed me him walking around my friend’s living space, lifting his leg and peeing on things as he went.  She laughed – yes he used to pee, and oddly she still smelled it, even though the place had been completely cleaned 100 times.  

It was ghost dog pee.

It’s funny they repeat “bad behaviour” when they visit us, because that’s how they ARE around us, that’s how they say hello.  

I’ve felt so much better today… But exhausted too.  Think I’ll go to bed early, if the kittens let me sleep.  I took off their cones today (Mom I can’t groom or touch my face – SO ITCHY!) and gave strict orders to both of them: be GENTLE with your balls!  Be gentle with each other.  Rough biting will make your balls hurt and then I will have to put the cones back on for more days!  So be GENTLE with your balls!  

That has to be the funniest thing I’ve told cats in a long while.

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