Mikey decides fetching is fun!

There’s a terrible storm outside today, perfect for staying home and hanging with the kitties.  We woke up to Mikey dropping his busy bee in front of us, waiting for us to throw it.  Eventually I woke up enough to record some of the fun:

Then, after I edited the video, Rupert became fascinated with this repeating reflection of himself, his brother and his Mom’s voice!  He loves TV, but he especially adores videos of himself.  He figured out the concept of a mirror very quickly, and understood after a minute that the reflection was himself!  He’s starting to get the hang of the idea that a video is a reflection in the PAST.  

He doesn’t quite understand past yet.  He gets the idea of future, as in, ten minutes from now I’ll feed you.  But he’s just learning about “ten minutes AGO” in the past.  

Kittens live in the moment!

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