Podcast poll: 

I’m considering my options with the podcast.  I really love doing it, yet I know it’s nearly impossible for me to produce in the summer.  So I’m going into this winter with the attitude of producing a “season” that is more planned, more predictable, with a defined season beginning and end.  

I know that most of my listens come from you guys, and I think most of you just click through from the blog or your email to download or listen.

But how many of you are subscribed through iTunes?  I’m thinking it would be easier for me to just launch a new podcast from scratch, for several technical reasons, and also because I’m changing the format (and will FINALLY start to have my friends on the podcast!)

If I did this, anyone who is subscribed to Joyful Telepathy in iTunes would have to subscribe to the new show.  The old episodes would disappear, but I can make them available to download as an archive somewhere.  

What do you think?   Are you all on board with a new show?  How important is it to you to have access to the original podcast episodes? 


7 thoughts on “Podcast poll: 

  1. Kate, I usually just click through the blog to access the podcasts. Changing format is fine with me. It would be nice to have access to the old podcasts though, however that could be managed. I love your podcasts and am just happy when you can carve out some time to produce them! Happy New Year!


  2. In the spirit of “sister act”: i will follow you…follow you were ever you may go… 🎤

    I think I’m subscribed on iTunes, but it’s no biggie to subscribe to a new podcast. Yay, looking forward to hearing ya again plus the addition of friends!!! Exciting!


  3. Hey Kate! I fully support your decision to change the format of the podcast and making the old posts available via archive. Currently, I subscribe to “Joyful Telepathy” through Podbean, because I have an android phone. In any case, I’m excited to see the new show.


  4. I don’t care what format it is in; just do more! I listen to them over and over again on my iPhone when I’m driving, going around doing chores, etc. Love your podcasts as it is insightful, fun, and informative without being grating unlike some that I’ve listened to from other podcastors. Sorry, but I just can’t listen to a lot of the other podcastors. Please do not turn into an awards show where each speaker waste hours on promoting themselves or others and slathering the other person in “appreciations” and “likes”. Being appreciative of others is fine; but get to the point.

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