It’s New Year Report Card Week!

Thank you everyone who booked a New Year Report Card this year!  Sold out again – woo hoo!

I love taking a week just to do these report cards.  It’s Monday, and I’m a bit behind the 8 ball already… Sweetie is leaving for two weeks to visit her mother, and there are some logistics involved that has sucked up my Monday.  Rest assured, your report cards will be done in order in which they were booked – you will ideally receive your Report Card within 24 hours of the “day” you booked it on, but it *may* be 48 hours.

I’m so happy!  This is one of my favourite weeks of the whole year.  I’m going to miss Sweetie though, darn.  I’m glad I have such a busy week while she’s gone.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the Timelines Episode of the Joyful Telepathy Podcast!


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