Holy Moly!



So I’m off to a slow start this week folks, and my email inbox is exploding.  I wanted to make sure I was completely rested and relaxed before I started this years’ New Year Report Cards, so I’m just now getting to Monday’s people.  I hope to be able to do at least two more today.

I am feeling a bit behind the 8-ball at the moment, so if you’ve emailed me something that has to do with your Report Card and I haven’t yet replied back, I would really appreciate it if you’d just forward it to me again so I don’t miss it.  I will not be sifting through my inbox until all of my sessions are done, and the recordings I owe people from this month’s phone sessions are emailed out.

Priorities folks, you’re my top ones!  I was going to go to Nanaimo to get the car serviced this week but screw it.  It can wait another few weeks.  I’d rather take my time with your report cards and make them *really great*.  I just love doing them.  I think this is one of my favourite weeks of the year.


I should book two weeks to do this next year though.  Someone remind me!  (Sweetie!)

The good news is I have nothing but time, now that Sweetie is off visiting her family in Ontario for two weeks and I’m here all by myself with two hilarious and distracting kittens.

It’s highly likely my procrastination / breaks between email readings will involve creating more cat videos.  Heh heh heh!

Love to you all, you guys are the best!

2 thoughts on “Holy Moly!

  1. Whoops, I just sent you an email as a reply to my Report Card! Sorry! It can wait…

    Folks, I’ve had Kate’s Report Card sessions for three years in a row now, and all I can say is that they’re amazingly accurate and sooooo helpful. So much insight and information, and totally on point. Even if you missed out on a report card, I’d highly recommend an email reading. If Kate has the time, that is — Kate your popularity is blowing up! So happy for you, even though it’s probably exhausting. 🙂

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    • Awww thank you you’re so sweet! I really appreciate it. It’s not exhausting at all, I just do things in the correct order of priority. On Monday, sleeping was a priority. Tuesday, my Sweetie was the top priority. Now it’s sessions, I’ll focus on that until it’s done, then I’ll send out the recordings.


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