Can’t Collar Me! 

If you’re following me on Facebook, you may already know about the battle of wills happening with the cats collars.
Rupert managed to get outside last week while the super was over fixing our sink.  Since then, they have been wearing collars with ID tags.

Mikey doesn’t mind his.  It’s like wearing a toy.  If it was just Mikey, this collar thing wouldn’t be an issue…

But Rupert just refuses to wear his.  It took him 48 hours to get the buckle undone the first time, and since then, I can’t keep a collar on him more than 12 hours at a time.

Within days, Mikey’s collar started falling off too!  I assumed that Mikey had learned from his brother’s example how to remove his own collar, until I saw Rupert removing Mikey’s collar for him!  

I haven’t caught the complete removal on video yet, but by the end of this video, the tail of the collar has been worked halfway out of the buckle.

Sweetie tells me that when Rupert was Snowball, he used to remove his flea collars all the time.  

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