STOKED! New phone recording system!

Okay, I haven’t received it yet, but I just bought an inline telephone patch, which is the thing that talk shows and radio shows use to record and broadcast their phone calls.

This means: WAY better sound quality on your session recordings. I know the levels on the recordings are off – the client sounds louder than my own voice, and I’ve tried a lot of things to remedy this. I think it just comes down to the little interface that actually picks up the sound from the phone line – it’s okay for getting a recording, but it’s not a great quality.

I am REALLY EXCITED about this new piece of tech! You know why else? Because this will hopefully allow me to record GUESTS for the podcast! YES! This neat little box will put the caller on one track, and my voice on another track, so that they can be edited separately and then re-married in a nice, clear, pleasant to hear recording.


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