Ep. 47 ~ The very worst haunting ever.

2016-05-17 andrea's ghost stories 2

Part TWO is out!  Remember, at the end of last week’s episode, how Andrea said “It gets worse”?

Now you can find out how.  This is the very worst haunting experience I’ve ever heard, and I have no doubt it’s true.  Because of the crazy-scary nature of the story, including the violent assault, I think this kind of story generally isn’t told at all.  For most people, sharing a “haunting” story is strange and vulnerable enough, without sharing these details.

Trigger Warning: If you don’t want to hear about the violent assault of this negative entity, you can skip forward eleven minutes.  





One thought on “Ep. 47 ~ The very worst haunting ever.

  1. Some super spooky stuff here. I’ve had some freaky moments with some dark entities that I felt I wasn’t able to share with even my closest friends because it sounded just plain nuts. It actually drove me a little nuts because it defied my strong sense of logic and what I was used to. I had no frame of reference for such seemingly surreal moments. For a while I was so open to spiritual energies which meant both light and dark, unfortunately. I definitely am more resistant to those forces now because I have no patience for such experiences anymore. Just like living people, spirits can be real jerks too. I guess I was really naive for a while since I had some friendly spiritual love around and I guess that meant the door was wide open for the negative spirits or lower entities as well. I had to learn my lesson the hard way. I’ll have to check out that Psychic Kids show too. There is nothing like finding others to relate to. Such a sense of relief and comfort. The alienation of such events is almost as bad as the trauma involved with the dark and strange incidents themselves. Ignorance is certainly not bliss in such cases like this. Thanks for pushing the boundaries, Kate, exploring and questioning the seemingly unknown. The more such things get talked about and brought to light, the more people can feel comfortable coming forward and talking about their own bizarre experiences or at least they can feel less crazy. How else is someone supposed to feel waking up to the presence of a seemingly demonic entity dry humping them while they sleep? Or even the lighthearted hijinks of particular grungy rock star spirits either for that matter….Thanks for offering a glimmer of Light in the dark moments, Kate. Hats off to you once again.

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