The Cat-Mitzvah!

The Crazy Cat Lady enclosure is nearing completion of Phase 1!

Let me give you the background here: In the past, all my animals have been rescues. With the exception of Happy, I didn’t know any of the birthdays of any of my pets. I never *really* knew how old they were.

Today, my friends, Mikey and Rupert are One Year Old.

One year of age is when you stop referring to felines as “Kittens” and you start calling them Cats. It’s their Cat-Mitzvah, people! I can’t believe how excited / happy I am today. It’s really funny, I’m rolling my eyes at MYSELF!

In the past, my cats Leo and Sunshine were indoor / outdoor cats. While we were living in Toronto, they were strictly apartment cats, but once we moved to the west coast, as both of them had been identified as “strays” at the SPCA, and both clearly knew about predators and staying close to home, they had free access to the great outdoors.

With Mikey and Rupert, not so much. They’re ragdoll cats. Their ancestors have not been outside in at least SIX generations, possibly longer. Ragdolls are bred to be sociable, compliant, and… well, soft. This makes them amazing pets.

But I would not give Mikey a shot in hell at surviving outside on his own. We have actual predators out here, people. Eagles prey on housecats. Wolves actively target them. So do adolescent cougars. I can’t let Mikey outside.

Rupert, I think, would fare just fine. He might fare a little too well. The neighbours have elderly cats, and apparently the other cats in the area are beating the oldies up. I wouldn’t put that behaviour past Rupert. I’m also certain that Roo would be an incredible hunter, given the opportunity.

If it were only Rupert, I’d probably start introducing him to the outdoors on a leash, and build up to supervised, off-leash backyard time.

But I don’t want to have to rush him to the vet after getting in a tussle with another cat. And I don’t want Roo to be the type of cat who used to come beat up my Leo. Roo, at times, is more like a mini bobcat or wolverine than a domesticated feline. I think he’s some sort of genetic throwback. With his people he’s incredibly demonstrative and affectionate. He follows us around and licks us like we’re his kittens. But there is something distinctly feral and dominant about him, despite his domestication.

This other side of him supervises his brother’s litter box use (one for pee, one for poop!) and howls loudly when I mention aloud, the possibility of one day, maybe, adopting another dog. “Noooooooooooooooo!” Rupert is anti-dog.

Thanks to my dear friend for sponsoring this outdoor enclosure project.

Rupert and Mikey will soon have safe access to the great outdoors via this laundry room window. The enclosure will contain this cat tree, and a pentagon-shaped surround of cedar with chicken wire panels. I call this “Phase 1” because I plan on expanding the pentagon in the future to include a cat garden and part of the lawn.

The panels stack to eight feet high, and come up just under the overhang of the roof. The top of the enclosure will have deer netting to keep the cats in and the eagles out, and I’ll probably cover the top and two sides with clear plastic during the rainy season, depending on which way the wind tends to blow.

So that is the Cat-Mitzvah update!

In other news, folks, I’ve been podcasting! I’m not always great about cross-posting episodes to the blog, but I can see from the numbers that at least 90 of you are downloading the episode as soon as it’s released, which means – YOU HAVE SUBSCRIBED! Thank you!

You have a new episode today, and two more coming next week and the week after! Next week’s episode features a super-special SECRET guest! We had a fantastic conversation. Today, I finished off talking about my parent’s weirdly occupied house and what we did to make that place habitable while they were living there. You can listen to that episode here:

If you would like to subscribe and get the Joyful Telepathy episodes the moment they’re released, here’s what you do:

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That’s it! The new episodes will download on to your device as soon as they’re posted to

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That piece of code that looks like a website address will tell your podcast program where to find the data for my podcast. It should automatically add my podcast to your listening cue and update it with new episodes.

That’s it!

In honour of Mikey and Rupert’s very first birthday, post a little comment if you like and I’ll read it to them tonight!

4 thoughts on “The Cat-Mitzvah!

  1. that crazy cat lady play structure is incredible! they’re gonna love it! (i won’t tell my kitties about it – they’d be so envious). happy cat-mitzvah boys!!

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  2. First off, happy first birthday to your adorable birthday boys! What cute kitties =^.^= So much fluffy love, and what a great present. I’m sure they’ll be beyond thrilled.

    Secondly, more brilliant podcasts! I just listened to #’s 49 & 50 and gleaned a lot of helpful information out of them. I think a lot of the so called hauntings or demonic energies really are due to parasitic entities. I wasn’t raised with any kind of religion but defaulted to calling the beings demons for lack of a better word after my own experiences with darker vibed entities. Some could be quite powerful. When living with heroin addicts, a house that had been once cute and full of warm energy, turned dark, gloomy and filled with depressed stagnant energy. The emotions were so low that I’d sometimes see what looked like shadows moving in the corners of rooms. Dark dreams followed, sometimes of irritating more than frightful base, low vibration entities. Even cockroaches and mice started to move in towards the end. No matter how much I cleaned, both physically and by sage smudging on a daily basis, I couldn’t brighten up the mood as much as I wanted. Now, living in space that was built in recent years and only lived in by one family, it feels like a difference of night and day. I’m more of what you’d describe as the light personality that attracts light beings unless in a dark environment and would like to connect more to guardian angels and Lighter beings. Putting up shields and boundaries is something I’m still working on, being so absorbent, but I’m getting better. Thanks for sharing more of your great insight ^_^

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