Ack! So much happening!


Friends, I’ve had such a wonderful summer.  I’m planning a trip to visit my Dad at the end of September, sweetie and I have been on a little summer vacation to Salt Spring Island, I’ve had some quality time with my friends – and I’ve had some wonderful sessions with some of you!  

If you’re not already following me on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram, please do so, because that’s where my day-to-day updates tend to go.  If you’re curious about my life, that is!  And assuming you like pictures of cats.

I do have two new podcast episodes coming down to you – I will try to have them posted tomorrow, but if not, it will definitely be next week!  Check out, or subscribe on iTunes or stitcher to be updated as soon as its released.

I am also about two weeks behind on my emails at the moment.  I really love hearing from you, and just today I responded to two people with paranormal stories / spirit experiences that parallel my own.  VERY COOL, I love it when you reach out to me and trust me with your stories.  Thank you.  It make take me a little while to get back to you, especially as we get further into September and I’m preparing for my trip.  

So keep emailing me, and know I’m not ignoring you!  I will always answer your emails.

Have an amazing day, everyone.  Kate

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