Ep. 55 ~ Carl the Firefighter Pt 1!

We’re back! You guys, the first part of my conversation with Carl went live on the feed today, you can listen to it here, or search for my name in iTunes or Stitcher on your mobile device (cough and SUBSCRIBE cough).

Part two is locked and loaded for this time next week (I will be out of town, but my fabulous podcast support Jen Edds has already scheduled it.)

Jen sent me this wonderful little note about the second installment:


Carl part 2 is uploaded and scheduled to release next Tuesday.

I don’t normally include time stamps in the show notes, but I thought the lobster analogy about growth, and the conversation about PTSD and meditation were super powerful, so I felt compelled to include the time stamp in the show notes.

I also don’t normally cry while editing podcasts, but I cried like a little baby when Carl was sharing the story about the older – That one just crushed me. You guys had a really powerful conversation on so many levels.

Hah! I’m not going to spoil it for you! You’ll have to listen and find out!

You can see the detailed description of what Carl & I discussed in this week’s episode right here, or on your mobile device!

I hope you enjoy it!

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