Happy Valentines day my beautiful Blog Friends! A podcast episode just for you!


 Well folks, it’s about time for a blog entry, isn’t it?  SO MUCH has happened in the past month that I can’t possibly write it all down and do it real justice… so do you know what that means?

Yes!  It’s another podcast from the car!!!

I talk about the union convention I attended at the end of January, I talk about the course which Sweetie and I have joined, which is a feminine, energetic approach to the practical matters of managing money (Biggie gives the energetic message of “whatever gets you there” – it’s perhaps a little too woo-woo for him but Sweetie and I find it very powerful!)

I also talk about trauma, and how I was surprised that my memories of a childhood medical procedure have actually been producing symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress for *decades*.  It’s really no coincidence that the universe pushed Carl & I together last month, is it???  It’s wonderful how that happens.

I assure you, I’m fine by the way.  It’s just been a revelation for me – how what I thought were persistent memories of something I should have “let go” a long time ago, are actually indicators of trauma – and even though this medical procedure was nothing when you compare it to the potential for trauma in the human experience, dismissing it hasn’t worked in allowing my brain to actually “let it go”.  That’s because trauma is a specific mechanical process in our brain, and the amazing part is there are techniques we can use to move that trauma through and completely change our relationship with that experience.

I decided to talk about it, after learning how very common it is for children to be actually traumatized by a medical procedure, and for the real effects of that trauma to echo out over our whole lifetime – and how exciting it is that being “traumatized” by something is not a permanent state, contrary to how trauma is commonly approached and treated as permanent damage by many therapists and medical professionals.

Listen and learn my friends, I hope you enjoy it!






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