Two new podcast episodes AND a Hamilton the Pig Update!

(Pictured: Hillary Schneider and Tareena)

I received a copy of my medical records from the urologist today. He is such a great doctor. He had his office call me because he received the report from the pain specialist in Vancouver, and wanted to know if I needed to see him, because he would be in Tofino *tomorrow* and could probably see me then.

I can’t say enough great stuff about this urologist.

He made me really chuckle though, when I received my copy of my medical records from his office. He starts off by describing me: “This pleasant 37 y/o female presents with…”

I laughed. I try to be pleasant. Now it’s officially documented by a DOCTOR. I’m *medically pleasant*! Ha!!!

Anyway, tomorrow I’ll be talking with the pelvic pain doc and getting the ball rolling on my surgery. I’m really looking forward to it, what a relief!

This, my dear friends, is why I’m a little behind on cross-posting my podcast episodes. If you listened to Hammy the Pig part 1, I hope you have noticed that Hammy the pig part 2 was posted one week later, as promised!

Again, I really encourage podcast listeners to simply subscribe to the podcast through itunes if you have an apple device, or through stitchr if you’re on android. That way the episodes will download the moment they’re released, and you’ll know about them before anyone else! You can find me by searching “Kate Sitka” or “Joyful Telepathy”

I loved my conversation with Hammy, and I admit, I fell in love with him, a little bit… which is why I took it rather hard when his human, Cassandra, told me she’s started the process of re-homing Hammy across the island.

Heartbroken!!! Not only was I so looking forward to talking with Hammy some more in the future, but I immediately worried about him! I already have one pig friend who was rehomed and I have no idea where he ended up, whether he’s happy, or even safe.

Hammy, I’m sure will be fine. For most pet pigs in general though, they have a very tough time in life. Fewer than 5% of pot belly pigs remain in the first home that bought them as a pet. More than half of pet pot belly pigs are re-homed MORE THAN 10 TIMES before they are 10 years old! And they live to be 20!

Pig rescues are few and far-between. Pigs also bond so strongly to their humans, (although they might not demonstrate that through cuddling, but through other behaviours like monopolizing attention, being needy / whiny, being possessive or even being destructive) so getting re-homed can be extremely difficult for them.

Again, I am sure Hammy will be fine. Hammy has been a very lucky pig.

This week, I’ve been fantasizing about buying a farm and filling it with pig rescues. And horses of course. Maybe a llama. Sweetie doesn’t say much when I talk about that!

Speaking of horses, there is ANOTHER podcast episode that went out last week, my conversation with Hillary Schneider! Hillary is a coach who is also a horse person, and she had a small herd of horses that help her assist her clients. I’ve been friends with Hillary on facebook for a few years now, and her journey has been fascinating. (She posts a lot of beautiful horse photos, too!)

You can listen to that episode here!

That’s it for now my friends! Be well, everyone!

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