Ep. 63 ~ Talking with Parrots!

It was my great pleasure to speak with Karel and her three parrots, Sugar, Ruby and Hannah.

This is Sugar, he is a Cockatoo

This is Ruby, she is an African Grey Parrot

This is Hannah, she is a Green Cheeked Amazon

We talk with all three of them, and their amazing, devoted human Karel. This talk was very special to me. I don’t get a lot of opportunities to speak with exotic birds, and they’re sensitive, perceptive and often child-like and funny. They’re amazing creatures.

The audio on this episode is funky on my end – I apologize. I had to consider whether I’d even publish this episode. But, you folks have been with me through bad audio before, and it’s the conversation here that really matters.

I’m going to try a different online recorder called Cast next time, and I’m going to abandon Zencastr. While I was recording, I had no indication that my end was not recording as well as it should have, so I’m hoping this will resolve with a different recording platform. Jen Edds, my fabulous podcast goddess, has worked her magic to salvage this recording and make it as listenable as possible. Thank you for coming along with me on the ride! Every podcaster has to figure out the combination of tools and assistance that works for her.

You can listen to the episode here! If you’re on an apple device, click here to subscribe to the podcast, so that you get this download automatically the moment it releases, and you can listen to it on the go! If you’re on an android device, download the Stitcher app, and subscribe to the podcast here.

3 thoughts on “Ep. 63 ~ Talking with Parrots!

  1. Kate, I want to thank you for your help with Hannah, my problem parrot. I had understood a few things that had triggered Hannah before we started, but I couldn’t work out a way to keep her happy. You not only helped me refine the triggers and understand her fears, but helped me to find a work-around. The couple of weeks since our session have been wonderful. I’ve used the over-the-ear protection and it has quickly nipped her escalation in the bud. We are rebuilding a loving relationship now that all the screaming has stopped. My husband and I have been able to change our routines a little to accommodate Hannah’s needs. Knowing the trauma she sustained before she came to live with us has helped us to see her behavior differently and more compassionately. Hannah is fairly young for a parrot and likely to outlive us; thank you for changing the rest our lives with her. And I know that Hannah appreciates (finally) being understood.
    As for the other two parrots – your insight has helped us to see them as the complex beings they are. Ruby as the mature, loving matriarch that knows and sees all and Sugar as the tyrannical toddler that gets all the attention.
    Thank you for your insight. Working with rescued animals can be tough, especially parrots because they are rather misunderstood and live so long. I appreciate having hearing more of their stories so that I can understand where they’ve been and what they need.

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    • Awwww Karel! That’s so awesome and I’m so happy!!!
      Please do keep me posted about Hannah, and feel free to email me, my friend. If you need further support please ask, and I will be thinking about Hannah and wondering how everyone is getting along.

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