Dear David, the child ghost who is taking over the internet!

dear david

My friend Lisa tagged me on a very interesting story on facebook this week.  It’s the saga of cartoonist, author, and illustrator Adam Ellis and the little boy ghost who is trying to kill him.

This inspired me to do a podcast episode on Dear David, which will be coming out this Tuesday.  Watch this space!  iPhones subscribe here!  Android phones: download Stitcher app and then subscribe here!

Meanwhile, if you haven’t read the latest of the Dear David saga, you can get ready for our next episode and catch up by reading this article here:

This Man Has Been Tweeting About Being Haunted By A Creepy Child Ghost And Now He Has Actual Video Evidence

If you want to read it straight from Adam’s twitter feed, you can find that here.

Hug your kids, animal friends, and grown up friends extra close tonight!

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