Ep. 64 ~ Dear David – is a child ghost trying to kill Adam Ellis?

It’s here! My episode talking about the super-creepy #DearDavid child ghost haunting Adam Ellis!

Special thanks to Lisa Walls for tagging me on this story – I was so inspired, I needed to record this episode of the Joyful Telepathy Podcast immediately, (writing union minutes and sending wedding planning emails paled in comparison!)

#DearDavid is a riveting ghost story, being told by author / illustrator Adam Ellis. (Honestly, I’m not worried for him at all.) This does give us a great opportunity to talk about *real* hauntings which even the most skeptical people can experience, and what you can do to protect yourself, expel malevolent entities, and how you can help lost souls find their way home.

(illustration credit – Adam Ellis)

Hold on to your rocking chairs and ENJOY!

12 thoughts on “Ep. 64 ~ Dear David – is a child ghost trying to kill Adam Ellis?

  1. fascinating! i sure hope adam ellis comes across this episode (especially if this is a “real” haunting). REALLY appreciated your emphasis on personal energy and fear! this is so very important on so many levels, not just for potential ghosts. we’re also talking about a well balanced solar plexus – personal power, rising out of fear, feeling (in your body) that you are a beloved child of god and have a right to take up space…its powerful!!!!

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