My Parrots Sing Out

Karel, thank you so much for this blog post about our podcast session together. Such beautiful photos of the lovlies! I am overjoyed that my suggestions have been so helpful! Tell them all I say hello and I love them.

Peace With My Life

parrots Hannah and Sugar

Three of my parrots are quite eager to speak to whoever will listen. They all have a backstory which I know nothing or little about because I got Sugar and Hannah as adults from a rescue organization. I received Ruby from a previous owner at the urging of her veterinarian who thought Ruby was unhappy at her home. I’ve followed Kate Sitka’s blog for a couple of years now, where she conducts many psychic readings of different kinds, and she also has a regular podcast. I left a  recent comment there, through which she learned about my parrots. She asked if she could interview my birds for her podcast. I was game, and my parrots were too!

African Grey parrot Ruby sees and understands almost everything in the house.

Hear the whole thing here. If you ever want to hear how a bird thinks, and how differently each bird…

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