Little ways our loved ones tell us they’re near

I had a LONG day on the phone today. Life sometimes necessitates long periods on hold with government, banks, utilities, and phone companies. I try to get into a zen place before calling. By this afternoon, i started to run low on zen, see my twitter feed in the blog sidebar for reference.

While on hold (today i was on hold for three hours, forty five minutes, total) i puttered around my office, cleaning and organizing.

Guess what i found?!

These two poems my mother wrote shortly after visiting me in Ucluelet.

I THOUGHT I HAD LOST THESE. See, i wasn’t in the habit of carefully filing the letters my mother sent to me over the years. I have many of them, but some I intentionally discarded.

For the last two years i have been kicking myself for losing these poems. I thought i had unintentionally – or possibly INTENTIONALLY recycled them during one of my many space clearings. I didn’t think i would intentionally toss these poems, but i didn’t keep every letter my mother had ever written to me, and thats something i regret too.

So I’m on hold, I’m cleaning the office, and i FIND these poems in a photo album. I am POSITIVE they were not there before. I have been actively sorting and organizing photos for a few months now and i am sure i would have noticed them folded at the front of my big photo album i had been adding photos to.

As I’m reading the poems and tearing up, the government customer service agent comes online. “Hi, this is Janet. How can i help you?”

Janet is my mother’s name.

Don’t dismiss these coincidences. This is how they say hello.

Ive been posting photos of blue birds that keep popping up. A blue heron last week, which my mom noticed was a special sign for me, and a particularly cheeky stellar jay, which my mother had admired when we saw the old growth forest on mears island.

So thats my little miracle for the day. Love you too, Mom.

2 thoughts on “Little ways our loved ones tell us they’re near

  1. How lovely! & comforting. I absolutely love moments like these. I believe my mom visits me via monarch butterflies, after we found a cocoon of one and raised it until it emerged when I was a child. I have found 2 directly in my path, one that fell out right out of a tree in front of me, and another 2 years later with a torn wing that crawled directly into my outstretched hand. I stayed with it until it passed. The other day, which was an emotionally rough, I came home and found a feather on the stairs which I’m pretty certain wasn’t there when I had left. There was another feather outside my bedroom door. How wonderful to feel our winged loves nearby, either by sending us birds, bugs or actual feathers [& I thought I had felt a certain beautiful blonde eternally young angel rock boy nearby eariler 😉 ❤ ] How lovely to feel the love of the other side.

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