A False Start

Well, yesterday was a tough day.

I was told at 3:30 pm yesterday that my surgery was cancelled. You all know how much goes into making this happen, so I was devastated.

Sweetie was a freaking Tiger. She politely but ASSERTIVELY and powerfully dealt with the nurses and surgeon insisting that we could not simply go back home and call the office to reschedule in the New Year. The logistics for us coming in from out of town are complex and expensive. The date has already been pushed back twice.

Sweetie is generally categorized by people as shy. She isn’t shy, she just doesn’t make a lot of small talk or as much eye contact as people expect from women. But when she locks on, WOW.

Fortunately, the surgeon agreed to do my surgery next Monday. She said it was their office’s error in booking three out of town women on one day.

My surgery was supposed to be the first one in the day, but I was bumped to third by a patient who had a history of sensitivity to anaesthesia, so I ended up with the cancellation instead of her.

I have so many blessings to count. I am very lucky to be able to stay in Vancouver a week and get the surgery next week, instead of waiting until the new year.

Tonight, Sweetie and I are going to a comedy show – something we used to do in our early dating days. We will make the best of this week, and we welcome all your prayers that things go smoothly and my surgery ACTUALLY HAPPENS on Dec 4 th!

UPDATE: Surgery happened and went perfectly!

7 thoughts on “A False Start

  1. I’m sorry for the delay, since you said that you’ve been looking forward to this surgery for some time. Good for Sweetie for being a great advocate!! Sending good thoughts for your upcoming surgery!


  2. I am sorry for the delay, but as I have already stated, I believe anytime I am obstructed whether in traffic or otherwise, I believe it to be for my higher good. So enjoy your week and be prepared for a lovely surgery.

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