Ep. 66 ~ Talking to Animals 101 with Jessica

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Kate Sitka ep 66
Ep. 66 ~ Talking to Animals 101 with Jessica

The animal communication discussion in this episode was inspired by an email with questions from Kate’s guest Jessica

Kate is back after a couple of months recovering from surgery

Kate is working on creating an intuitive development course

Animal communication is a skill that needs to be developed to be used in a healthy way

When you live on an intuitive and telepathic level, the work can sometimes feel overwhelming

It’s your interest and your love that ultimately makes the communication connection

Figure out what your strengths are and operate within them

Set boundaries and verbalize them to defend your energy

You have the freedom to decide how you’re going to engage in the world

Give yourself permission to take care of yourself

People with trauma in their own backgrounds often relate more to animal suffering than typical people relate

Your health is vital to do this work in the long run

Validating your right to have boundaries is not an unplugging of your empathy

Know your own operating capacity and honor it

Be aware of where you live because energy travels down

Taking a small action when we receive an energetic cue creates motion

We are responsible for doing OUR best, and our best involves taking care of our selves because it’s a long game.

Water amplifies and bathtubs physically ground us

Get grounded, set boundaries, and get psychic protection in place before turning up the dial on psychic development

The volume of your sensitivity will increase over time as you establish a safe environment

As a skilled practitioner, you also need to be able to turn the volume down

We are not meant to abandon or intellect in order to develop our intuition

Understand that teachers are not superior people. Don’t exercise blind faith.

Telepathic communication is not something you do with an effort. It happens spontaneously when you get out of the way.

A meditation practice helps create space in our life for development to occur

Kate shares her technique to  initiate transmissions

There are six different ways we can receive information

It’s important to define your own ethical practice

Random acts of kindness are an opportunity to communicate telepathically with people

Email your  questions to Kate at  Tofinopsychic@gmail.com

Books Mentioned

Clear Your Clutter with Fung Shway by Karen Kingston

Choosing Energy Therapy: A Practical Guide to Healing Options for People and Animals by Wanda Buckner


Kate Sitka is an Animal Communicator & Spirit Medium located in Tofino, BC.

 Learn all about her work and her services at  psychicintraining.com .

 Book a session with Kate  here !

 Questions or comments? Feel free to email us!  tofinopsychic@gmail.com

Ep. 66 ~ Talking to Animals 101 with Jessica

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