More things in the works!

I was recently informed that this is an “8” year for me, in numerology terms. I think I had pretty much already sensed this, as it *feels* like an *8* year. Eight years feel extremely productive to me. I usually complete old projects and start new projects. It’s a time of life where I feel truly unlimited! Consequently, I’m busy creating a lot of things for y’all right now!

I will be editing the recordings of my Teaching Sessions with Megan, so Class 3 & 4 will be available in April!!!

Our wedding is in 3 short months as well, and I so look forward to sharing some wedding photos of Sweetie & I with y’all as well, (assuming Sweetie gives me permission!)

I am also revamping the Joyful Telepathy Podcast website. Those of you who are subscribed to the podcast through iTunes or Stitcher may have not realized that their subscription is NOT UPDATING! For now, you have to listen to new episodes directly from

That has to do with the security settings around my podcast feed, which has to do with how I set it up in the first place. It’s a longish and probably not an interesting story on why I decided to set it up as I did, and rather than going into that, I decided this is a great opportunity to revamp my whole podcast website, and take it to the next level!

I am moving to Libsyn as a host with the intention of launching the Joyful Telepathy App! YES FRIENDS! It won’t happen right away – the first task is to get that broken feed fixed, and to get all my old episodes migrated over to my new host.

When that happens, I will probably need to ask you all to re-subscribe… but Joyful Telepathy will be available on a HECK of a lot more platforms than it was before! (And it will be a lot easier for me and my editor Jenn Edds to deal with!)

Eventually, I hope, that the custom mobile app I develop through Libsyn will allow those of you who don’t want to deal with the whole podcast subscription thing to simply download my app, and *the app* will notify you as soon as a new episode of Joyful Telepathy is released! And – AND my vision going forward is to have some members-only content on there, so if you’re not already a Blog Friend, you can sign up now! (It’s free!)

I’m also working on a post about multi-cat households… it’s taking a while because cats are complex beings.

Happy Spring everyone, I hope you are all touched by this same creative energy!

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