New podcast host… testing testing!

podcast cover mar 2018

I’m just testing the “embed” feature.  This can be tricky with wordpress, and there’s not way for me to really test it unless I make a new post.  So here it is!

Let’s see if this works!  *deleted it didn’t work*  Darn!  Oh well.  We will continue to link to new episodes like this.

Here’s the latest episode in case you missed it!

Jen Edds is working hard at getting my iTunes account working again, so those of you with iPhones I may need you to search for me and re-subscribe.  I’ll let you know.

Stitcher has been updated, for those of you on Android phones, you won’t have to do anything.

Soon you’ll be able to find me on Spotify as well.

I’m just noodling around with the code right now.  It looks like I might be able to just embed the player here:

*deleted because it was insane*

Let’s see if this works!  And hey!  Check out the new!  I hope you like the changes.  I’ve given the podcast a bit of a face-lift (may as well, since it’s over 4 years old!)

I hope you enjoy the changes, I’m delighted!


*Edit!  Looks like I still cannot embed the player on the blog!  Why does make it difficult to embed audio players?  So weird.  It’s easy to do everywhere else.  Oh well!

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