Class 3 & 4 is ready! And hey, I was on Jen Edds’ Podcast!

Hey friends!

Just a quick note, I *just yesterday* released the second installment of my online audio learning program, Telepathic Communication with Animals and Spirit: Class 3 & 4!

I only have a moment now, I will write up a longer post on it soon… but for those of you who have already enrolled in Class 1 & 2, I want to make sure you all know that Class 3 & 4 is available!!!

I am so happy / thrilled to finally be doing this, and I’m so grateful to my early-adopter students!

Please check out the class here, and sign up soon! (Early-adopter students will be able to send in their questions to be answered as bonus material when I release Class 5 & 6!)

And – in more news, I was a guest on Jen Edds’ podcast: The Brassy Broadcast!

I have been podcasting for FIVE YEARS now – holy crow, it has been a while! I talk with my fabulous audio editor Jen, without whom I would have pod-faded long ago, about how I have made podcasting work for me, and how podcasting can work for you too.

You can listen to that episode on Jen’s podcast, here!

Okay, I’ll be back soon! Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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