Class 3 & 4 is ready!

Last night, I finished up recording my fabulous series: Telepathic Communication with Animals and Spirit!

Class 3 & 4 has been released and last night, Megan and I had our final session.

Megan has come a LONG way: Over 3 months, in six sessions, Megan went from having the rare spontaneous paranormal experience, to achieving intentional “medium mode” and doing her very first session!

I’m so proud of her! And us! For recording her journey to benefit others.

If you’re the sort of person who is interested in this psychic stuff, you probably do have potential to learn and practice it. Like most people, you probably just need support to develop safely, so you can have fun and build confidence.

Honestly, the biggest hurdle is self-doubt. Telepathic communication with animals and spirit is a subtle thing, and it’s easy to doubt yourself. Most people stall out in their development, and become self-critical.

That’s why it’s so important to have a mentor, someone with whom you can work on your thoughts, hangups and struggles. Someone who has been there and come through it. Someone who can help you find your way.

That’s why I wanted to create my class, and that’s also why it took years complete!

I will guide you alongside Megan through the essentials of protection, grounding, meditation and energetic hygiene – and give you effective exercises to build your psychic strength, as well as key insights to recognize the difference between energetic communication vs. your own thoughts.

The world needs more psychics! There is more than enough work to go around, and I am happy to grateful to support you as make new connections, grow spiritually, and expand the love in your life.

Grow spiritually, grow your connection, grow love.

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