​I’m looking for people who are ready to explore their psychic potential.  

I know that some of you are reading this post right now, wondering if this is you, wondering if this is time.  I’ll tell you how *I* knew it was time for me.

In 2012 when I started this blog, I had already been a practicing animal communicator for most of my life.  But I felt called to do more.

That’s the key.

I had always had a desire to develop my skill further.  I imagined myself as an old lady, finally a practicing psychic.  I don’t know why I thought I had to wait for the crone phase of my life before I would give myself permission to take the next step – but for a long time, that’s what I thought.

Someday, I’ll do it.  But today, I need to do this other thing.

And then, after a challenging set of years, I realized something – I was waiting to give myself permission to really dive into this work and to declare myself as a psychic, publicly.

What was I waiting for?  I realized that no one, outside of myself, was going to give me the permission I needed, and that I could just start.  That moment.  And so I did.

That day, I prayed.  I have had these little conversations with god, over the years, when things are deeply important to me, I take it up with god.  That day, I didn’t ask god if it was alright if I could practice my work more broadly, I just said I was ready.  I was ready, and I needed help.

Someone reading this, right now, is ready.  Is that you?  Are you ready to begin?

I would love to help you along the way.  I’ll teach you everything I know, and support you through your journey of psychic development.


I have *just* posted my complete course, Telepathic Communication with Animals & Spirit.  It’s a six-class course designed to cover all of the essentials I use in my practice, including some content that is shockingly under-discussed in the new age / spirituality / psychic medium fields.

I designed this course to be self-paced, so that you can take your time to absorb the material, or you can fly through it if that’s what your heart wants!  I wanted to make it easy to communicate all of the vital information that is the bedrock of a solid psychic / medium / animal communication practice, and I am *so proud* of this course!  It’s been YEARS in the making!

Are you intrigued?  I’ll tell you more here.

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